Unusual Wedding Requests


I have been running a bridal shop for 8 years and during that time I have experienced some very usual requests from my brides. Sometimes it is just a case of strange colour choices or unusual fashion tastes but occasionally I have been asked to source some weird and wonderful items for weddings which are great fun to arrange and which stick in the memory. Here are my favourites:


Nothing unusual about tuxedos you might think but there is when they are for your dogs! I was asked to find two full formal outfits for a pair of Jack Russell’s and I was surprised to discover that such items do exist. The wedding went ahead with the dogs suitably dressed for the occasion and I now like this idea so much that I am recommending the concept to all brides whose venues allow animals.


One of my brides was very concerned about her young flower girls ruining their pretty dresses and so asked me to create matching bibs. Ivory bibs with sequins were in short supply and so I created a bespoke model using an ivory towel, some spare fabric from the dresses and beaded detail which matched the gowns. The bibs looked fab and I am now strongly considering creating some more in different colours.


Yes there are actually brides who want to get married in their trainers taking the idea of comfortable shoes to a new place! One of my brides wanted her shoes to look a little more appropriate for the occasion and so I found myself adding diamante stones and crystals to the white shoes in order to create a more bridal look. I am not sure the idea will catch on but the bride was pleased and that is what counts.


Goth brides often choose to get married in black but one of my clients decided to go red with Doc Martens boots underneath. I was amazed to discover that she was going to walk down the aisle to Metallica’s “Enter Sandman” on top of everything else. That was really a wedding with a difference!

What Next

I wonder what I will be asked for in the future. Customised Wellington boots featuring Swarovski crystal or perhaps sparkly jewellery with skull motifs? I could introduce fancy lingerie like the gorgeous Eberjey chemise adapted for cats or create bridal music with screaming goats. Who knows what people will want next!

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