Quality Jewellery that You Can Afford

Every Bride wants to look her best on her wedding day and to have some lovely accessories to enhance her outfit. It is even better if those pieces can be kept for the future and used again. There is also the issue of the bridesmaids to consider as they will need jewellery and accessories too and it is traditional to buy them a gift. If you are not careful the costs can start mounting up rapidly and it makes no sense to spend big on jewellery if the cost is out of keeping with the rest of your wedding budget.


Gorgeous Sparklers

I bet everyone has lusted after a beautiful diamond or a stunning sapphire in their time. I know I have but for most of us high end jewellery is a luxury we simply cannot afford. This is especially true when you are getting married as there are so many other expenses to accommodate. There is no doubt that costume jewellery can look truly spectacular but if you are looking for something that little bit special and precious for your big day then there is another way. You can enjoy the beauty of precious metals and gemstones if you look beyond gold and diamonds and dare to be different.


Whilst gold is extremely expensive and prices have risen sharply in recent years silver remains very affordable. To the untrained eye silver is indistinguishable from white gold and unlike some costume jewellery it will not irritate your skin either. It is possible to buy gems set in Sterling Silver and this is gemstone jewellery which is very affordable but will look dazzling on the day. You won’t have to sacrifice style either as there is some gorgeous silver jewellery on the market in stand-out designs.

Different Gems

If you wanted dazzling diamonds but they are simply beyond your budget then consider crystal jewellery instead. You still get the wonderful sparkle and luxurious look but at a fraction of the price. With crystals you can really go big and have as much sparkle as you want. If you are looking for coloured stones then rubies, emeralds and sapphires can be pricey whereas amethyst, aventurine, citrine and rhodolite are equally beautiful but won’t cost the earth. There are stones to match any colour theme that you may have and gemstone jewellery makes the perfect gift for your bridesmaids. You could even buy some special pieces as a gift for the mother of the bride too.

Talking Point

Choose the right jewellery for your wedding and it can become a real talking point. You can impress all of guests with your carefully chosen pieces and really dazzle throughout the day. You can tell them what a bargain you have uncovered or you can keep quiet and let them think you haves spent a fortune on precious gems, it is up to you, but you can certainly make an impression without having to expand your budget.


Article by Sally Stacey

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