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Traditional Wedding Cake by Elaine Ashton via Flickr (CC BY-ND 2.0)

I’m not sure if you’ve noticed, but we here at the Bridal Costume Jewellery blog have been┬áseeing a rising trend in Scandinavian inspired weddings. We have seen features across a number of publications and bridal websites covering such trends and so we thought we’d take a look at two of our favourite Scandi-style bridal jewellery.

First up we have Renaissance Life, a brand specialising in beautiful whimsical jewellery. Whilst not costume jewellery, the sheer aesthetic appeal of the Renaissance Life collection might make you go that extra mile in terms of Bridesmaid gifts. Each piece in the Renaissance Life portfolio has had a great deal of care go into its design, and as such it’s clear to see that each one has a story behind it. This story is then lovingly created through excellent craftsmanship in fine materials.

We think that the design is simplistic on the face of it, and yet with a little attention deep and meaningful notions can be inferred. Together these aspects make Renaissance Life jewellery the perfect jewellery for a Scandinavian inspired wedding. After all, on the face of it a Scandi-style wedding would be full of typical clean, minimalist design and yet also full of the deep and meaningful emotions associated with the special day.

The second brand that we will have a little look at is Caroline Temple. Caroline Temple jewellery is designed by Caroline Temple herself, a jewellery designer educated in Edinburgh who has a selection of handmade jewellery items available. The Caroline Temple style is definitely in keeping with Scandinavian design as there’s a very natural feel about Caroline’s designs. Needless to say Caroline Temple jewellery will also make a wonderful gift for a Bridesmaid as they really do employ excellent quality silver-smithing techniques and as a result are made to last.

We’ve found one online store full of Nordic gifts and jewellery that sells both Renaissance Life and Caroline Temple jewellery and that’s The Scandinavian Shop. It’s worth having a look around as there is also a great selection of other Scandinavian or Scandi-style items that might be perfect for a Scandinavian themed wedding.

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