Computer EPoS program for shop owners

If you’re in retail then you just have to use any method to streamline the amount of time required to manage your business.  Years ago stock management and money management was done manually, with a mixture of methods ranging from manual cash tills to electronic versions of these tills, but with the invention of cheap, readily available computing power it’s now possible to have a fully functional Electronic Point of Sale system combined with integrated stock control using a computer EPoS program running on a variety of operating systems on a home PC system, laptop or even a tablet PC.

The introduction of this sort of integrated technology means that not only does the retailer benefit from knowing immediately what is in stock and what isn’t, a computer EPoS program can allow true multichannel selling across a variety of offline and online selling channels, so websites like Ebay and Amazon as well as Google Products and a fully functioning eCommerce website can all be tied into the same system.  Why is this good?  Well, because all channels are tied into the same computer EPoS program the system can control all channels, which offers ‘drag and drop’ from a central interface to these external websites and also all orders decrement the same stock tree – there’s never a problem of overselling stock or confusion of where the sales came from and everything can be accounted for.

This in turn means that the retailer can spend more time business planning and less time trying to find out who bought what and if there is any stock to fulfill the order!

For the bridal costume jewellery retail business this type of technology is fantastic as it really streamlines things – let’s face it many jewellery retailers hold hundreds if not many thousands of items in stock, so being able to tell instantly if something is in stock or not is a major advantage!

We’d recommend that everyone get’s a good computer EPoS program for their retail business!

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