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Weddings are a special day for all involved, but it can be said with some certainty that it is for the bride that it’s most special. Films and books endorse the concept that for years and years many women dream about their wedding day and this is of course true for some and not for others. The details of a wedding take time to plan, but at the end of the day it’s all about two people coming together to make a commitment to each other. Once you’ve had your go, your big day, it’s normally time for you to play the role of guest at other’s weddings, and this can be an excellent excuse to dress up and let your hair down (at the reception that is!).

Once invited to a wedding you can begin to plan exactly what it is you’re going to wear. With most traditional weddings this can be an easy task; however you may run into some difficulty when confronted with a themed wedding, a style of wedding that is ever increasingly growing in popularity. The main focus of any outfit is surely going to be a dress. Look for a flattering style which lets you appear refined and elegant. Sticking to choosing a colour from the main colour palette for your dress will be beneficial when you begin to look for other matching accessories including shoes and a hat or fascinator. Online retailers such as Peppermint offer excellent and fashionable dresses like those from Vero Moda clothing at great prices, giving you an inexpensive couture look.

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As mentioned some other aspects of your outfit to consider aside from your dress would be matching or complementary shoes and a hat or fascinator. Hats and fascinators are a common sight at a traditional wedding and many beautiful designs can be purchased from high-street retailers at little cost. Wearing an elegant hat can really make you stand out from the crowd, accentuating the rest of your outfit, especially if the whole ensemble matches well. Of course care should be given as not to “out do” the bride, as after all it is her special day. One way of making this certain is to avoid white or white-ish tones when choosing your outfit for their big day, this way there will be no confusion as to who exactly should be the centre of attention. To finish off an outfit you should select complementary pieces of jewellery such as a matching necklace and earring set. The jewellery should be chosen with your dress in mind so that it works with the cuts of the dress, this is especially important around the neckline.

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